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Whether you are trying to mortgage your home or trying to buy a home you must know in the market today two common mortgages rates prevail. The two most common rates are known as a Fixed Rate Mortgage and the Variable Rate Mortgage.

As the name suggest, the fixed rate mortgage contracts you for specified
interest rate over a specific period of time. This period of time is referred to as a mortgage term. A mortgage can range anywhere from a six months loan to 30 years.

Though the variable rate mortgage may have payment terms that are fixed, the interest rates can change. The moves in the market prevail in determining interest rates. You technically pay a fixed payment every month. What the variable rate mortgage is does is distributes what you pay in interest and what goes towards your premium depending on the current interest rate. If the interest raises your payment toward the principle decreases and the payment toward the interest increase. The reverse is true if interest rates decrease.

Which type of mortgage is right for your depends on your ability to handle the interest fluctuations. A fixed rate mortgage is a better fit for you if you like the stability of a fixed payment over a predetermined period of time.

You can apply for any term mortgage you feel you want, for example, a five year fixed table can be created for you with a fixed rate mortgage. This means that for five years you will repay the loan with a fixed interest rate table.

Some borrowers prefer to take a chance with the variable interest rate mortgage. The variable rate is for you if you feel that the amount you applied for can be repaid more quickly at a much lower interest rate. With this type of mortgage there is a possibility that the interest rate will lower during the term of the loan allowing you to pay down your premium more quickly.

Because of their expertise to predict the trends of the current economic conditions, financial experts are probably better off with a variable rate mortgage. They would certainly benefit even more from a variable rate mortgage if they can accurately predict the trends for the next couple of years.

While trying to decide on which of these two mortgage rates fits your comfort level, analyzed your analytic skills and financial abilities. Variable rates are not proven to be as stable as the fixed rate. If you want consistency, the fixed rate is for you.

There are some risk attached to the variable rate but it does have its rewards. Can you handle the risk-reward payoff? If so, then the variable rate is probably the route for you.



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